ISBN: 978-1-62314-181-3

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About Book: Do you ever wonder about meditation and dreams? Your purpose in the world? Lose focus and go on a self-enlightenment journey during a lecture or a boring task? If yes, this book is for you!

This book is about sharpening your mind inherently with the law of attraction, power of the mind, and self-actualization. It will take you on a journey starting from relaxation meditation to techniques for improving your cognitive skills like memory and computation, and open the world to understanding your ego and desire emotions and relationships better. Finally, it will give you a head-start in opening your mind to the universe, understanding energy, visualizing with your subconscious mind and dreams.

This book is the product of my own self-actualization experiences and learning from which you will undoubtedly benefit. This book can be read cover to cover and then used as a reference whenever life puts you in tough situations, to improve focus, understanding, attainment, and happiness. Let Your Mind See by Aditya Mittal is a starter guide to an enlightened mind.
About Author: Aditya Mittal is the founder of which is an open idea generation and sharing platform where anyone can read and share ideas, products, about themselves, stories, quotes, poems, businesses and so on. Aditya is also the founder of among many other things. He studied Computational Mathematics at Stanford University, Physics and Computer Engineering at Syracuse University and has a vested interest in idea generation, creativity, innovation, business etc.

He published his first science fiction now out of print at age 16. His second science fiction which has taken 7 years in the writing will also soon be released. Meanwhile, "Let Your Mind See" is his latest book ready for release.

He is also internationally recognized for the O(1) DNA error correction algorithm using hamming codes and has won numerous awards such as 'Most Innovative Project' by IEEE for making the Multi-touch Table in 2006-2007, and by IBM National Open Document Format Runner Up Award. At present, the best places to connect are on Facebook or LinkedIn. RSS Subscribe
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A must read by Michelle Markey
I needed to read it!!
It is terrific! Should be required reading for all children learning anything.
... quite informative. by Peter Brown
The book provides many practical applications of the various meditation techniques.
Enlightening by Jade Gomez and Alain B Reston
Nestor and I really hope for the best of Aditya's endeavors. For a 27-year-old gentleman, he has come a long way spiritually.
I'm so grateful... by Jessica Martin
I'm so grateful to have come across Aditya's book. I will surely apply the techniques I've learned when I'll take the bar exam. Many many thanks for sharing the secrets on how to use the brain's power.
Learnt some easy techniques by Sara Ostrawski
The book tells many easy techniques to be able to think clearly. I will practice the techniques in order to be able to focus on one task at a time and prevent the mind from becoming fragmented easily and quickly. I know I can do it now! :)
Fantastic ! by Carolina Gabriel
I recommend this book for all those yoga and pilates practitioners. As a pilates instructor, this book will help us find ourselves through meditation process. A great gift to share. Aditya is definitely a genius!
Let your mind see by Simmy Rana
It's an excellent approach to understanding self, and how you fit into the universe...found the pledge very empowering!
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ISBN: 978-1-62314-181-3

Order now to get this eBook emailed to you today, Sep 27, 2020! Requires Adobe Acrobat.